Not me unfortunetly…but let’s have a quick look at what I got out of this experience. I may not have won the competition, but I think I won in lots of other departments. Here’s why I think theese type of competitions are a great thing.

– I got to play with some cool people and made some good connections with good writers in my area
– I got to play to some great pre-prepared audiences and try out some new stuff on
– I met some pretty decent industry people who know who I am, and where I am and what I am doing
– I managed to get some more people on my mailing list

I never entered the Songwriting Competition to win, or to be given affirmation that I am good or anything of the sort. I did it for all the above reasons. If I won some extra cash, then that would be the icing on the cake, but from where I am sitting (after a few JD’s), I think that the overall experience was a good one and would recommend anyone who has left their “base” like I did in 2007, leaving behind some of my best friends and musician friends, to try and expand their network in the far away lands on Australia, to enter these types of competitions. It’s free coverage….

Thanks again to Mike and Wendy who own the Redeeming Features music promotion company in Sydney. They have really taken me under their wing, and have provided me with a regular platform to perform whenever I want.

It’s over and out for me….I’m going on my holidays in the morning!

There’s a few new shows added to the calander and I will have them confirmed in the next week or so – so please check back, or just sign up to my mailing list on the join page!

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  1. YoU ThE MaN!!

  2. This is yet another reason why I truely think you're a star.

  3. This is yet another reason why I truely think you're a star.

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