Hey folks,

If any of you guys are on my Facebook page, you may have been aware it was my birthday last weekend. All I can say is THANK YOU to everyone who sent me wonderful emails and messages on my birthday. Facebook is amazing when it’s your birthday! I don’t think I have ever had as many people wish me a happy birthday! So thank you – it was lovely!

What have I been up to? Well lots of change in my working life, but it’s all good. In the lead in to the album, I really want to see how far I can push the boat this time. If I’m totally honest, the last time I released something was in 08, and I was unprepared and over expectant. I’m much more realistic this time, and the industry has changed so much (for the better of the indie artist) that I’m excited again. For quite a while, I was totally disillusioned with playing music. But after the disillusionment faded, rejuvenation arrived. I’m still not 100% why I play or write or record, but I do know it’s something that I truly feel inside, and need to let it out. I could never give this drug up. The reward when I receive emails from people who had downloaded my music and managed to “connect” with it – is really really really amazing. It’s this “connection” that I am hoping I can achieve on a wider scale with the release of the album.

Speaking of which, where is the album at? I hear you ask. Well as we speak there’s one person who I can solely thank for getting me this far (bar my lovely lady) is Brendan O’Brien aka Melvin Tree. He’s one of the coolest and most inspirational people I have met, and has really helped me out with this album to reshape were I was at this time last year. The album sounds like “me” and comes from the heart. I honestly can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s finished.

OK – so I’m going to try and blog every Tuesday from here on into the album release. Maybe you guys can even help me with launching it, who knows? I’ll be looking for recommendations on good PR people in Australia, and also hoping in 2011 to get over to the US for some shows. Every Tuesday I will give my recommendation for my “new music” – so here goes!

1/ Get Jeremy Messersmith – The Reluctant Graveyard.
Who does he sound like? Simon and Garfunkel/ Death Cab for Cutie
ps. Jeremy is also doing a “pay what you like” from his website

2/ Get Fran Healys new album “Wreckorder”. Here’s the lead single “Buttercup“.

Thats all for this week!


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