Dear Diary,

Last night was a great laugh, full of everything that I miss about Ireland. The total randomness was really apparent last night, from the moment I walked into the back-stage area of the venue. Every Irish person will relate to the question of “where are you from exactly?”, which usually precedes the “Oh! Do you know so and so”. The fact is Ireland is so small, that we really appreciate the fact that the chances are, you’re going to know someone in common. We find the common ground alot easier than countries with vast areas such as Australia or the US or UK. It turns out there was alot of banter and mutual friends between alot of us, and a great nights music was had, and I have to say, I was really really impressed by The Coronas.

I’d seen the band when they first started out in 2006 (I think) in the back room in Whelans. When I say, I’d “seen” them, I possible grabbed the last 15minutes of their set that night, and it’s really amazing to see a band break out of Ireland, and get some recognition, especially in the current state of the industry, I’m delighted to see anyone do well, but these guys are talented, and great guys. SO if you’re in Melbourne next week, pop along to their show. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

So what else happened last night? Well there was alot of beers consumed by some great guys from Limerick, who provided me with alot of stories of rugby and life in general. If you’re reading this, thanks for the beers and hope you enjoy the CD’s (and the hangover!)

Gotta leg it, it’s raining and it’s cold in Sydney. But I’m delighted with the way last night went, I’m delighted to have gotten through playing the new songs without too much a balls-up, and I’m even more delighted with the reaction and feedback I got from the audience. Here’s to the rest of 2010! Can’t wait to get it finished….!

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