So Big Bren’ started the mixing of the album this week out of Perth (which for anyone not familiar with Australia) is in West Australia.

The first track on the desk is a track called “Home”, which I wrote last year during an intense 6-month writing period. It’s essentially a track about feeling like you’re a million miles from home, which believe me can happen when you’re this far from your family and friends! Sometimes I feel like ET! Phonnnnnne hommmmmmme!!!

Apart from that, everything else is falling into place in my life. I figured since I live in Sydney, which also has one of the finest harbours in the world, that I needed to get out onto the water a bit more (well to be honest, I just needed to GET OUT!). So I started a sailing course, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do and doing it with a very funny friend of mine from Glasgow. So there’s two pasty white Celt’s on the waters of Sydney sailing a 30ft yacht!

So far (and I’m being serious here!) I have nearly crashed the boat into 1 x Buoy, and 1 x $1,000,000 yacht. That’s in the space of 2 x 3 hour lessons. Not a bad average!! But on the other hand, my mate nearly crashed into a pretty large island in the middle of the harbour. The joys of it all. I might try and take some photos this week when I’m out on the next lesson!

Music this week worth checking out:
Bill Coleman – Welcome to the Breakdown

This is an awesome album, that’s starting to become a soundtrack to an amazing period of my life. All the best albums seem to do this? Bills also a fellow Irishman, and a great Independent artist, so he’s like myself, trying to get as much exposure and “life” to rise above the noise that is the “industry”. So you can get the album pretty much for free, but am sure, a few euro/dollars would be really appreciated!

(I’m always looking for new music to listen to – so feel free to drop me an email with some suggestions!)


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