Johnny and Aonghus have all their parts down for all the tracks, and I’ve finished alot of my guitars and the guide vocals are all down, so now myself and Gavin are able to move on to the fun parts of recording – sounds and guitars.

Gavin’s built up a wonderful range of electrics, ranging from some lovely Gibsons, Tele’s, and 12-strings etc. So if you throw into the mix some gorgeous vintage amp’s – I’m pretty much in heaven. So I’m really able to nail the vintage sound that the songs are calling out for.

Today we have Geoff Woods adding some extra little sounds that add’s the extra dimension to alot of tracks. It’s going great, and we’ve been working on a track called ‘Home’, which I think is going to make the cut.

I’ve been back here for 10 days and it’s been manic, but I’ve managed to squeeze alot of things in outside of the studio. As always it’s great to see alot of my friends and family, and great to see Dublin in the lead up for Christmas. The hardest part for me living in Australia, is the lead up to the festive season. I’m use to cold, dark nights, with shitty music on the radio. But you’d be surprised how much you crave the shitty music when you’re in your shorts (i’m serious!) and really bright summer evenings. Dublin is great – but like anywhere it’s the people that makes the place. I’ll have a few beers hopefully before I leave, to celebrate what looks like being an incredibly productive (touch wood) 14-15 days in the studio!

Fingers crossed!


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