The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. But as always, the madness dies down, and peace prevails.

For the last 18 months or so, since I moved to Sydney, I guess I’ve felt this “pressure” that was on me to write a certain way. I can totally relate to stories I’ve read over the years, by musicians who are in major deals, and have to write the “hits” and the songs for airplay. I guess when I started writing for the album, I had plans that have since changed into the plans that I wanted myself wanted to draw. It took 18 months for me to realise this, and it took time and courage to take the leap and make the decision. It’s funny but once I made the decision, the songs started to flow, and I was able to take ownership of what I hope to be a “strong” debut album. Fingers crossed :-)

I’ll be returning to Ireland in November for a block to record the album in County Wicklow. For anyone not familiar with Wicklow, it’s regarded as “The Garden” of Ireland. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of Ireland, and still within a stones throw of Dublin city. I’m really excited to be going home to record and am sure I may have a few people/friends drop in on the recording process. Will keep you posted on that.

I’ve had some brilliant gigs recently, some to lots of people, and some to not so many people. But have been trying out new songs, and revisiting old songs. I’d forgotten how nerve wracking it can be to play a new song that’s only days old. But once it’s arrived, it’s there for good. Also – while I’m on the topic of gigs, I’ll be opening for Mundy in The Brass Monkey (Cronulla), Sydney on October 20th. This should be a great night. Mundy’s written some amazing tracks over the years and am looking forward to it.

Of course, the other massive thing at the moment that is taking up alot of my time (early mornings and late nights) is Music Box for Life. It’s crazy to have had an idea 12 months ago, and to see it grow from inception through to reality is extremely exhilerating, and fullfilling. I love spending as much time on this project, as it’s so close to my heart (no pun intended!). The big news is that we’ve secured Paul Brady and Chris De Burgh for the project. We’re in the middle of working out publishing and legal details for both of these incredibly successful Irish musicians. It’s an incredible thing to be able to add these to the roster of Irish artists for the project.

Right that’s about all from me. I’ve been meaning to post some demos of songs up here, but surprise surprise, I’m a little hesitant about doing it. I might bite the bullet next week….

It’s the end of Winter in Sydney. It’s 30 degrees today. Crazy isn’t it?!

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