I’m really looking forward to many things over the next few weeks. I’m hitting a landmark in my short life, recording my album (that I’ve been waiting to do for over 2 years – but finally saved the money, and wrote the final part of it!), and am also rolling out the biggest online music charity in Irish history – Music Box for Life. Between all of this I have managed to fit in writing and demoing of more songs, and now have over 50 songs that I’d be happy to see on any album. It’s true what they say – “Once you Pop, you can’t stop!”.

On November 3rd, I’ll be playing songs off the new album. Due to the fact that I’ll literally have only been in the country a few days, I’ll be doing this show solo. I’d love to be doing it with a band, but cost and time are restricting this. As it’s more a celebration “album / birthday” vibe, I’ve tried to keep the price as low as possible – e8 for non-members of the Minus Circus mailing list / e6 for members. Everyone will also receive a small gift on the night!

I’m delighted to announce that my great friend, and in my opinion one of Ireland’s finest songwriters and guitarists, Mr Shay Cotter will be special guest on the night, as will another one of Ireland’s most promising artists, Stephen Branigan. Some of you may remember as the opener of last years sell out show in Bewleys’ Theatre on Grafton Street.

For anyone around Sydney, I will be opening for Mundy at The Brass Monkey on October 20th. This will be an excellent show, as all you Irish know, Mundy is one of Irelands most loved and talented performers. I’m delighted to be playing with him.

Stay tuned for Music Box for Life news – and I’d like to pay tribute to the other two members of the MBFL team – Mr Noel Taylor and Ciara O’Gorman. These guys are the skin and bones of the project, and I am absolutely honored to share this incredible journey with them by my side. Noel keeps everything ticking over, and Ciara keeps us all sane and legal! I can’t start to tell you how much this project means to me, and to watch it grow from an idea inside my head and see it all the way through to a full-registered charity in it’s own right, is nothing short of amazing – but it has only been possible with Ciara and Noels expertise. Now with your help and support we can all give life and blood to this project and make Music Box for Life a force to be reckoned with!

Just wait ’till you see the list of Irish artists who we’ve managed to get involved…..

That’s all for now. Over and out!

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