It’s taken me so long to really nail a title that sums up exactly what I want to say with this album. It’s been a mammoth adventure, and I’ve learned an awful lot about the pitfalls of recording and being fully Independent along the way – but I have never been more sure of an end product as I am now. Above all, I’ve made something that I am deeply proud of.

So?! What’s it called?! Well basically I really wanted to capture the journey that I have spoken about. I’ve decided to call it “Estuary“, as it really sums up where I feel the ideas come from (the Source), and especially with this project, I have created and nurtured the songs, then slowly took them down stream, and will eventually will reach the point where I will have to free them into the great unknown – the sea. That’s a basic synopsis of where the idea came from for the title of the album.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for all your support along the way on email, MySpace, Twitter and Facebook! It means a hell of alot. We’re nearly there –



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  1. Above all, I’ve made something that I am deeply ‘product’ of. You whore.

  2. OOps! Good find Brian! I’ve changed it ;-)


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