So its a week or so into the new album, and the new tracks are taking shape really nicely. It’s a lovely progression from the last release, ‘Hide & Seek’ in 2007. I’ve been planning this one for a long time and its lovely to finally get home, get into the studio and get the stuff down. As most of you know, I’ve been writing for a year solid, trying new things, and new songs in Sydney. I’ve written well over 50 tracks in the last year, but like anything, there’s “good” ones and there’s not so “good” ones!

This week we’ve nailed 13 songs to the cross through the direction of Mr Gavin Raltson. We started off with Johnny Boyle (on drums), and Aonghus Ralston (on bass) and myself lay down the bones of the songs, work out the grooves and arragements over the last week. It’s a crazy rush to hear the songs take life and form in the direction I have always wanted. Johnny and Aonghus are total legends – great craic was had.

I also managed to fit in a gig in Whelans on Tuesday night. There was a wonderful turn out on a really bitterly cold November night, and I wanted to thank everyone who made the trip out. I know how hard it is for people to leave the comfort of their homes for nights like this – and you can be rest assured that I truly appreciate every one of you guys who make the effort to come and show your support to me! It means the world to me! Also a massive thank you to Stephen Branigan and Shay Cotter for opening the wonderful night.

Thanks to to everyone for the kind words on MySpace and Facebook – wishing me a happy birthday! The big day is in fact today, so I’ll have a few extra drops of whiskey in the glass tonight for all of you! I honestly can’t believe the amount of well wishers on my facebook page! The internet is a wonderful thing! (or scary thing!)

Anyway – lunch is over – and I had better get back to it. I had mentioned doing a daily video log from the studio, but sorry to say, I have not had a chance to do this. I will however try and do something different in the following weeks when I return to Sydney!

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