I’ve been passing my album around to people in Australia, really trying to get some feedback from people in the industry. So far the feedback has been absolutely amazing. I’m so excited….

Rather than keep all of you guys in the dark (and I know I have been pretty bad over the last few months) i wanted to share with you one track from the album. As you all know, I’m doing this ALL by myself. No manager. Everything you see and hear has been driven on by myself. I built this website, I wrote the songs, and now I’m really trying to do this, but I need your help in helping spread the word for me. So if you like the track – share it to whoever you think will like it, dig it, share it, and maybe even offer to help me in some way.

Here’s “Come Alive”.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Come Alive by Minus Circus


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  1. I like it. :) Looking forward to the album!

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