So, it’s been a few months in the making but as you can see, it’s been well worth it. I figured that it was better to take my time, and listen to all your suggestions on what would make amazing!

There really is little doubt at this stage at how important it has become for musicians to be ‘net savvy, especially for musicians like myself who are 100% Independent where “creativity” both online and in the real world is one of the most important elements for any musician.

So what features have been included in the new Well I’ve integrated the website with social platforms like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. I’ll also be keeping a weekly blog (well I’ll try!) where I’m hoping to keep all you guys informed with new material that I am writing for my album. 99.9% of musicians write the music, record it, do the artwork, and then start to promote it. I want to try something different.

I want to keep you up to date with everything so you can follow my development from the very beginning of the songwriting and sketching phase of songwriting. When I have an idea, I will have it on the website and will share it with you. You will see ideas, photos, and you can get to know how the songs have come about and where they “came” from.

The good news is that you don’t have to keep checking in, as you can RSS subscribe to the website and get informed when new items such as gig listings etc, have been added to the website.

I’ve also made it easier for all you guys to comment on Blog entries. You can sign in using your Facebook logins. The website doesn’t hold onto your Facebook details, as it speaks directly to Facebook as a form of authorisation. So you can sort of think of it that the new and are friends!

Enjoy it – and here’s looking forward to a great year!

Let’s get to work!



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