If music is all about creating a connection

…then last week I realised this even more.

Last Tuesday, I received an email from a fan on MySpace, all the way in Tylertown, Mississippi. It was from a lady who had downloaded my first EP, right at the very beginning of Minus Circus in 2006. I remember this lady, as her husband had emailed me to ask me for the lyrics to a song I had written called “The Gem”. Any of my close friends, knows that this song comes from a place so deep inside me that I rarely share the true meaning of the song with anyone, but still I happily obliged and sent the email containing the lyrics, and like that I’d made two new friends in the US. From time to time I would get nice emails from the couple encouraging me to write more and record more – as that they loved that song so much.

I hadn’t heard from the lady until last Tuesday, when she emailed me to tell me that she had been in an accident on July19th 2007, where a large truck had crashed into her car, temporarily killing her, only to be revived by medics at the scene shortly after the accident, and was then placed in ICU at her local hospital. She slipped into a coma for several days where her family and friends prayed for her recovery. The good news is she’s made it through the entire ordeal, having to go through physiothearapy to re-learn how to walk and to talk. The part of the story that has really hit me, is that she said that during her time in the coma, all she could hear was the local Preacher pray over here, but also the melody of “The Gem” play inside her head. I’ve always said music is almost a spiritual medium, where there is something so sacred between lyric and melody. It’s that middle area that no person can explain where the “magic” comes from. But it’s still the area that every musician can sometimes touch and feel.

To have created such a connection with this lady, through my music means so much to me. It’s the reason I sit in my little studio every night searching for a new melody to match a certain lyric. It’s the reason why I play live. It’s the first reason that comes to my lips when I doubt playing musc. It’s the reason why music is still driving me on, and also why I consider myself (as do alot of my musician friends) extremely lucky to be this position to create music – from what is essentially – thin air.