‘Estuary’ to be released on March 1 2012

It’s with great delight to announce that this Thursday is the official release date for ‘Estuary’ globally. It will be available via iTunes, Amazon, and all major online retailers. Keeping with the tradition of all great Independent music releases, all physical CD’s will be sold via the wonderful people at CD Baby.

Don’t forget! If you’re in Sydney on March 8th, to come along and join in at the launch party at The Supper Club (Will & Tobys), Taylor Square, Oxford Street. More information can be found at the Facebook event page. Support on the night will be from the wonderful Alan Boyle (Donegal/Brisbane), and Bondi’s favourite Irishman, Anto McKeon.

ps. So excited!

Help me select a title for my album

Hey folks,

All is going really well and starting to get really excited about hitting Ireland again at the start of November for a few weeks, and being able to work with some great friends and musicians on my album. I think it’s going to be alot of fun, and the outcome should be exactly what I am looking for.

So here’s some suggestions for name titles for the album. If you can tick the box of your favourite, it would mean alot, as your feedback on my choices are really important to me! Pass it on to any of your friends who you think might be interested! Thanks again!

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Some ideas and some plans

Over the last 2 weeks, I literally have not stopped writing, and playing guitar, but unfortunatly my trusted Audio Technica 4050 has decided to start crackling (and generally acting the maggot!), so it’s off to the Audio Technica hospital it goes this week. If this has not of happened there would have been some nice video and audio up on the website. Maybe this weekend…

So I’ve been reading that my favourite charity Crumlin Hospital for Sick Children is in dire need of funds at the moment. Most of you may not know, but as a new born, Crumlin Hospital saved my life. If it were not for the genius of Dr. Desmond Duff in the hospital, and for the prayers of all my family, I may not be here to write this!

I’ve been busy thinking of ways how I can help the hospital out, remotely from Australia. I have an amazing idea – that I am currently working on with Noel Taylor. I’ll tell more when everything falls into place. But one thing is for certain, Crumlin Hospital has never needed funds like this before. Once I have it all together, I will post up the idea here, and if you want to get involved you can.

I wrote a new song last week that I am really happy with called “Take me Instead”.

Here’s the lyrics on the track so far:
Strip me bare,
To the bones,
Just to see what I’m not.
I would share,
All my blood,
Just to get
what you’ve got.
And as my tears fall down,
To that place where you lay.
I won’t hear those first words,
You won’t get to say.

If you can, hear my prayers, inside my head
If you can, understand, take me instead

There’s no words
That you can cay,
To right out this wrong.
(There’s) just this void,
The will remain,
With me lifelong.
I close my eyes,
Just to see your face.
Inside of my soul,
my heart begins to race.

If you can, hear my prayers, inside my head
If you can, understand, take me instead

When it’s all left to lose,
and there’s nothing left to win,
It feels like love has lost it’s way

If you can, hear my prayers, inside my head
If you can, understand, take me instead