Sydney in the Winter time

So it’s Winter time in Sydney. How does this differ to Winter in Dublin or London I hear you ask? Well most of you think that its glorious sunshine here all the time, well in fact as I write this, it is raining and pretty cold outside. How cold? Well it never get’s colder than say an Irish September morning. But still, when you live here, the difference between the “hot” and the “cold” can make it feel alot colder than the temperture gauge actually reads!

One of my favourite activities to do in the Sydney Winter time, is to check out the whale migration.
The whales travel enormous distances to the warmer waters of northern New South Wales (passing Sydney’s coast line) where they deliver their calfes and then continue their migration back to Antartic. My good friend and photographer, Scott Portelli is an avid whale activist and travels the world documenting and taking photographs of sealife, but mainly focusses on whales. He’s also the photographer of the recent press shots that you see on the website. Anyway – last year he took myself and Vicki, out off the coast of Sydney to experience the migration first hand, and since that day we have both been hooked and totally felt the “connection”.

I can’t wait to book a few trips with Scott over the next few weeks. It is quite possibly one of the most amazing things to come within feet of these majestic Kings of the Ocean. Last year I was lucky enough to see a few breaches, and even managed to see a full 360degree breach!

I’ve recently been inspired to write a number of tracks about the migration and hope to have something to share with you all soon. At the moment though they are purely just lyrics on my mac. I’ll hopefully have one or two tracks up here for you to listen to in the next week or two.